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Sack Trucks

Make moving goods easy with our range of sack trucks. Folding sack trucks are great for putting in the car for transporting small loads and they fold up out of they way when not being used so good for occasional retail use. Our adjustable sack trucks work as a basic sack truck but then can convert to a platform truck when necessary so offer another space saving option of having 2 or sometimes 3 trucks in 1! Standard sack trucks come in various capacities and there are also heavy duty trucks for bulky heavy loads.We offer high backed trucks good for moving boxes and crates and also a chair truck which will handle stacks of chairs with ease. Our rough terrain trucks have a 350kg capacity and can be used in any rough ground areas such as construction sites. If you have often have to transport goods up a flight of stairs on your premises then we have a range of stair climbing sack trucks. Stair climbing trucks mean you can transport the goods with ease - there is one specifically for chairs if you have meetings on different floor levels you have to organise  frequently and one with mesh baskets for transporting the mail to different floors. Our stairclimber/sack truck can be used as both a stairclimber and a standard sack truck so handy for taking with you to various sites .